Silent No More

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“Silent No More” is a powerful show airing on Kīriakũ Waves Radio that focuses on giving a voice to the often unheard stories within our communities. The show features courageous individuals who share their experiences with societal issues such as mental health struggles, domestic abuse, and discrimination that are frequently overlooked or stigmatized. The show aims to shed light on these critical topics, providing a platform for open and honest discussions.

“Silent No More” not only narrates real-life stories but also brings in experts such as medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, and activists to offer professional insights and resources. This approach helps listeners understand the complexities of these issues and the available support systems.

The show is designed to inspire change and encourage listeners to break the silence in their lives or communities. It empowers individuals to speak out, seek help, and support others facing similar challenges. Tune in to “Silent No More” for inspiring stories of resilience and recovery, and join the movement towards a more understanding and supportive society.

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