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A Journey of Faith in Mission & Partnership

micKasisi Kĩriakũ wa Kĩnyua [feat. Sharon Secor]todayApril 13, 2024 20 7

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    A Journey of Faith in Mission & Partnership Kasisi Kĩriakũ wa Kĩnyua [feat. Sharon Secor]

“A Journey of Faith in Mission Partnership in Kenya” is an enlightening interview featured on Kīriakũ Waves Radio as part of the “Echoes of Faith” podcast series. This episode takes listeners deep into the heart of Kenya, showcasing the powerful impact of faith-driven mission partnerships. The interview features firsthand accounts from local and international missionaries who share their experiences, challenges, and the transformative outcomes of their collaborative efforts. Through engaging storytelling, the episode highlights how these partnerships have enabled sustainable community development, improved education, and enhanced healthcare in underserved areas. The stories also reflect on the spiritual growth experienced by both the missionaries and the local communities they serve. This episode is a testament to the profound connections that can be forged through faith and the shared commitment to making a difference. Tune in to “A Journey of Faith in Mission Partnership in Kenya” for an inspiring look at how faith can move mountains and foster hope across borders.

Church Without Borders

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